Let’s Fondly Remember That Time Olivia Munn Posed For Maxim

by Lola Byrd on March 9, 2017

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If I had to point to a moment in time when Olivia Munn officially became one of my favorite hotties, I would point to the photoshoot she did for Maxim Magazine in 2011. Although I like to think of myself as a geek I wasn’t really aware of Olivia’s Munn rise to fame on Attack of the Show, the Maxim photoshoot is what did it for me.

She’s just so damn sexy!

Trying to explain what makes someone sexy is a difficult endeavor. Attraction is a slippery beast to pin down. I’ve blogged about a lot of women over the years and they’re all beautiful in their own way. I love Daisy Lowe’s fair skin, but I love Olivia Munn’s tan skin, so it’s not like you can say that skin tone makes a difference.

I love Miley Cyrus’s small tits, but I love Kate Upton’s huge tits… You see where I’m going with this right?! It’s not always about specific physical attributes. Sure, I love freckles and Olivia Munn’s freckles make me feel all warm inside, but is that what makes her so attractive?

Olivia has a lot of conventionally attractive features, but so does Melania Trump and there’s nothing about her I find attractive. Olivia Munn has a certain spark about her (Melania Trump might have had that spark at one point in her life, but her husband snuffed it out long ago) and her eyes literally sparkle with wit and intelligence.

Gah, these pictures are so hot. They’ve sent me down an Olivia Munn internet k-hole. I’ll be back. Never.

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