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by Bucky Beall on March 1, 2012

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What to write about Lily Carter? Let’s start with that since I am a porn blogger I rarely get aroused at my work, but just listening to her talk about sex in our exclusive video interview got me going a disturbing amount, and now Jordan Pornhub has a new entry about me for that HR complaint she’s been working on.

Lily’s only 20 and has only been in adult entertainment since 2010 but the woman is passionate in every sense of the word, passionate on film and passionate in our discussion. She’s been shooting for all the big players and was nominated for the the AVN Best New Starlet and is the winner of the coveted Peeperz, I Popped a Boner Award

Standing only 5″3 with an angel’s face and small, pert, natural boobies her look says sweet but everything else about her says FUCKSTAR. Watch her below explaining how she can’t live without sex with women, what got her jilling off all night long, why men should be more aggressive with sex, the porn she’s watching, how she’s driving guys crazy in the sack, plus even more wonderful insight and filth from Ms. Carter:

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Why not enter the bone zone with Lily Carter by hitting her up in the fine fuck flick The Blind Date Dick: Lily’s mom has a big blind date, but she has to cancel at the last minute. Unable to reach her date, Keiran Lee by phone, she leaves Lily at home to give him the bad news while she runs out to tend to personal matters. Unfortunately for her, Lily is a the sluttiest teen in town, and when Lily lays her eyes on Keiran, she can’t resist posing as her mom so she can take that big dick for herself. Live wild and click the link, The Blind Date Dick

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    hola baby

  •  “I rarely get aroused at my work”… Liar! I’ve seen enough of your erections at work that I have instant recall of what your hard-on looks like.

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