Lingerie Model Abbey Clancy Slips A Nip

by Lola Byrd on June 22, 2012

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The only time I bother to learn a model’s name is when I have to look it up for you guys when she slips a tit or a nip. This is as far as my knowledge goes; this particular beauty’s name is Abbey Clancy and she’s a lingerie model. The end.

Oh wait, I should add some stuff… you know filler.

Abbey Clancy was attending some fashion ball or something, but instead of slipping out of a glass shoe, she slipped out of her top. Thank God, some creeper with a camera was there to capture it or Bucky would have missed out on those model tits he loves so much.

Clancy doesn’t need a fairy godmother; she looks stunning in a black apron. No need to fancy it up and wear a dress when you look good in a Starbucks uniform. I would have made a lot more tips if I had gone without a shirt and bra when I worked as a barista. If only I could do it all over again with the knowledge I have now. Actually, I tried, but my boss would always tell me to button up my shirt.

Life is good when you’re job involves taking off your clothes; you never have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. The only issue here is that she showed off her tit and nip for free.

Click on images below to see enlarged nip & side-boob:


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