Linsday Lohan & James Deen In The Same Movie?! Whaaa?

by Lola Byrd on June 18, 2012

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Back in March, I told you guys that James Deen was maybe, almost, probably, going to star in the next Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho) movie: The Canyons. Well, it’s a done deal, which is amazing in-and-of-itself, because “OMG, James Dean,” but it gets better: Lindsay Lohan has also been tapped to be in the project.

Hello, I pretty much just creamed my pants! Lindsay and James in a movie, together! A Bret Easton Ellis movie, nonetheless, about a bunch of twenty-somethings fucking their way through Hollywood in a quest  for power, love, and success! Exclamation point!

I hope and pray they fuck in the movie. It would be a crying shame if their characters didn’t cross paths, pussy and cock paths.

Bret Easton Ellis, the man himself, broke the news via his Twitter feed, saying: “James Deen and Lindsay Lohan have been cast in The Canyons.” Adding: “Could not have dreamed of a better cast. Lindsay nailed it.”

I bet she did. I bet she did.

This better not turn out like the Lohan Linda Lovelace biopic that fevered our dreams, but never came to be. I swear, I’ll shoot Bucky in the foot if that happens; it’s his own damn fault for giving me Lohan fever by proxy. Besides, I like my own feet way too much to ever damage them.


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