Lisa Ann’s New Brazzers Scene!

by Alpha Harlot on October 31, 2018

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I don’t think that this is Lisa Ann’s comeback because I really feel like she never left the adult industry. Can it really be a come back if what happened was a personal shift of focus? She knows exactly who she wants to work with at this point in her career and she’s making zero compromises when it comes to the quality of the content that she involves herself in.

I’ve been listening to her podcast, The Lisa Ann Experience, for the past few months. I think it’s super interesting because you get to hear what’s going on with her work as well as her personal life. You can really get to know a person when they’re just off the cuff shooting the shit with a microphone recording them. She talks about adult industry stuff and who she’s going to be shagging in the upcoming scenes, but she also talks about being president of her homeowners association, what type of books she’s reading and the logistics of finding a home to shoot a gang bang in.

I’m totally fascinated with her life.

While a lot of her work is being distributed through Evil Angel, she decided to shoot with Brazzers again because she knew that she would be able to see her vision. She wants to create strictly sexy, high quality content so that she can share with both her long time fans and newbies who are just stumbling into her legendary catalog.

I’m not sure that I really appreciated Lisa Ann fully as a performer until I started listening to TLAE. Her movies have always been great for sure, there’s no denying that. The podcast gives us her side of some legendary stories that haven’t been told thus far. She dishes dirt, she takes on some hard questions and, as she continues to evolve through her creative process, she brings us along for the ride.

Because I’ve been listening to each episode during my Monday morning commute, I’ve known for a little while that something big was coming. When she revealed that she was going to be shooting a film for Brazzers, you knew that I was going to jump on that bandwagon harder than when I ride my wife’s strapon.

The Brazzers exclusive 40 minute clip is called I Want It Harder! It features the cocksure talents of Markus Dupree as a masseuse who wants to relive all of Lisa Ann’s stress, but can’t seem to get the pressure right. That’s until he rips a hole in her white leggings and starts working her butthole with his tongue. Butthole work can totally be a big stress reliever, Peepz.

This clip is beautiful and sexy. Like super sexy. Like so unbelievably sexy that you’re going to have a hard time containing yourself. Here’s the trailer for a sneak peek.

The 40 minute clip is available for viewing on right now. Give a CLICK HERE and join so that you can gain full access to all your desires.

You can listen to Lisa Ann’s weekly podcast The Lisa Ann Experience where every you get your podcasts from. It’s my Monday morning commute stress reliever but listening to it while I’m working always makes me feel like I’ve got a filthy secret that I’m keeping from my boss.

Source and Image: Lisa Ann in I Want it Harder by Brazzers

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