Lizzy Jagger Strips Down & Rides A Tuna

by Lola Byrd on October 15, 2012

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Lizzy Jagger, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall’s oldest daughter, is the latest celebrity to nude-up for Fishlove; an organization dedicated to putting a stop to unsustainable fishing.

“Fishlove is an ongoing photographic project that invites well-known personalities across the globe to make a bold stand to stop over-fishing. Scientists predict that all marine life will effectively disappear from our oceans by the middle of this century if nothing is done about over-fishing. All the fish taken in these photographs have been kindly donated, and have been caught sustainably according to the company’s impeccable environmental policy.”

Not sure what makes Lizzy a celebrity besides the fact that her parents are mega famous, but it’s always nice to see someone grow up into a beautiful young woman only to take her clothes off and straddle a dead tuna fish for a good cause.

Speaking of dead fish, doesn’t it strike anyone else as ironic to use a bunch of dead fish to protest against over-fishing? Sure, these particular fishes were caught “sustainably,” but I doubt they served as anything other than photographic props. It’s not like they washed off the pussy juice and threw them on the barbecue afterwards.

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