Lola’s New Obsession: James Deen & Stoya’s Epic Love!

by Lola Byrd on May 8, 2013

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Some point, a little while back, I was checking out the day’s depravity on Tumblr when I came across an amazing photograph of Stoya and James Deen (see first pic in photo gallery). The first thing I did was reblog it and the second thing I did was google “James Deen and Stoya dating.”

I subsequently spent the next five hours finding proof of their magical love affair.

It’s been in the works for months now and the Internet loves these two as a couple. There are websites and Tumblr and blogs dedicated to the James Deen and Stoya heat effect. People have spent hours combing through candid pictures and tweets to prove this relationship is the real deal.

You see, neither Deen nor Stoya have come right out and said they are a couple. On Twitter Stoya refers to her boyfriend as “Daddy.” Deen tweets about “The Prom Queen,” but doesn’t mention a girlfriend. He does, however, go on at length about [his] Stoya on his blog:

If anything else needs to be said other than “stoya and james deen” then well… you should really pay attention to my blog… and tumblr… and pornography from digital playground… and the internet in general.  I love stoya.  she is perfect and amazing and i am keeping her.  you can’t have her!!!!! she is mine!!!!!  MINE MINE MINE!!

Deen won’t publicly call her his girlfriend (and she won’t call Deen her boyfriend), but he goes on and on about how her asshole is magic, her pussy tastes like glitter, and that she’s amazing, beautiful, smart, and impossible not to fall in love with. It’s the worst kept secret in the world and I love it. Every time Deen posts a picture of Stoya on his blog he captions it with either “heart erection” or “heart boner,” which have now become my two favorite expressions and Twitter tags.

As for Stoya, she writes rather eloquently about Deen:

“I call him ‘Daddy,’ and as you might suspect, there are aspects of power exchange in our relationship. I am his. My body is his, my mouth, vagina, and asshole are his—and my heart is his.”

I mean, come on… HEARTBONER. They are both amazing. They should get married, have children, and continue to make porn together forevah!!!

P.S. The best thing about this relationship being a “secret” are the clues fans come up with. Like the black cat that has been spotted in candid pictures with Deen and Stoya, but never both of them together. Oh, and the tweets. Stoya will write about how she’s a wounded hippie and that she’s on her period. Meanwhile, not long after, Deen independently tweets that he’s covered in blood and urine. Thus, the Internet concludes they just had period sex, and rightly so.

Watch the magic:

Slutty brunette babe Stoya rips her fishnets for rough anal sex brought to you by PornHub

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