Looking Way Up Emma Watson’s Skirt

by Bucky Beall on February 16, 2011

To go along with yesterday’s Emma Watson nipple peek we have this Emma upskirt picture. To compete with the free porn I’m constantly surrounded by and jerking to, I have to have really elaborate wank fantasies for those masturbation sessions when I have to use my imagination (like when the internet is down or when I’m in the washroom stall on break).

When I fap to Emma Watson (I only fap to redheads) it’s always involves me saving her from the evil wizard Voldemort and she thanks me by giving me her virginity..but first she uses a duplication spell so that there’s two identical Emma Watsons and we have a threesome.

Sorry you to had hear that but my boss said if I didn’t write at least 100 words per post or I’m fired.

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