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by Alpha Harlot on January 24, 2012

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Masturbation’s cool and everything…but sometimes there’s no substitute for a bit of the old in out, in out…know what I mean? StooShe, a three girl vocal group from London, knows exactly what I’m talking about. The ladies have a pop/hip hop kind of feel to them that you just can’t help but bop your head to. I’ve been dancing in my office chair to both the clean and dirty versions of their song Love Me/Fuck Me since I came across the videos.

Of course, I enjoyed the lyrics to the Fuck Me version a bit better. The video even has dirty bathrooms and Furry sex with a dude running topless through the streets with a huge bunny rabbit mask on. That’s not to say that the video with the less dirty lyrics, Love Me isn’t super hot. Sexy pin up chicks dancing around with victory rolls in their hair singing, “Get it up, put it in…free your mind,” definitely turns me on.

Here are the two videos. You can decide which version of the song you like more.

Fuck Me:

Love Me:

What a catchy hook, right? “Foreplay’s fine but I ain’t got the time. Why don’t you hurry up…and fuck me.”

That’s totally what I’m thinking most of the time when I’m hanging out with a new guy that I want to bone…forget the chitchat, can we just get to the sex and stuff please? There’s even a lesbian reference (and I know how much you guys like lesbians) when one of the girls admits, “I’m joking you know I don’t do dick, fuck off!”

I’ve fallen in love (or fuck, whichever) with these girls and I’m going to be doing plenty more research on them in the future.


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  • Lola Byrd

    Oh, so hard to pick. I like both versions. I usually hate it when a band does a censored version of one of their songs, but they handled it so well.  I love how the one girl yells ‘Explicit” so funny. Anyhow thanks for posting this, I had never heard of them before and am now totally in love.

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