Lucy Pinder & Rosie Jone’s Topless Dyke Out Continues

by Bucky Beall on April 20, 2011

Post image for Lucy Pinder & Rosie Jone’s Topless Dyke Out Continues

Might as well just rename this site “Lucy Pinder’s Peeperz” as this British glamour model’s bared breasts appear here so frequently. But they are amazing knockers, some of the best real big ones I’ve seen. And they look even better when being caressed by another big boobied model, which is why in March we were so happy to put up a Nuts (a British “Lad’s Mag” that somehow isn’t considered porn) spread of Pinder and Rosie Jones all topless and fake dyking out. Since that post was such a hit we have part two for you, with these racy outtakes from the same shoot.

I don’t know much about England, actually I don’t much about anywhere as I live in my mom’s basement and jerk off to Lucy Pinder and PornHub all day, but it does seem that country makes damn fine topless lesbian softcore.

You can click on the images below for larger versions:

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