Madonna is Always Relevant and IDGAF

by Alpha Harlot on November 15, 2017

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Madonna was the first woman who made me realize that I like ladies. I’ve always loved her music because it makes my body move. I’ve always loved videos because they made my parents uncomfortable. The second article I ever wrote for Peeperz back in 2011 was about Madonna. I love her so fucking much and I really think she is the key to learning how to really be free and how to really live.

When Madonna’s Sex book came out on October 21, 1992, I was a kid. I heard about the controversy all over the place but I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on it till I was working at a retail beauty supply chain when I was 19. One of the chicks that worked there asked me to call up Barnes and Noble and ask if they had a copy of the book. They didn’t, but they offered to order one for me and I took them up on their offer.

Unfortunately it never came in or got lost in the shuffle or something.

At that point I was just starting out in the kink scene in New York City. I was fascinated by all things sexy and sexual, especially latex and bondage. We were at a dungeon party out on Long Island when I came across a copy of Sex on a coffee table in the lounge. I didn’t do a single scene that night…I just sat down on the floor with my collar around my neck and my fishnets on my legs and I flipped through the pages over and over again.

The world inside the book was the world that I wanted to exist in…so I created a life for myself that revolved around sex and all things sexual.

Madonna is still fascinating to me. She embodies everything that’s sexy and right with the world. As she ages, she get stronger and works harder to create the art that she wants to create. It’s not about the money for her, I don’t think. It’s about the experience of living life right out loud. She’s an artist to the core and her Sex book may have just a blip on the radar of her life, but it was a massive explosion in mine.

Here’s the video for Erotica, a song off the album of the same name that was released in conjunction with the Sex book.

Once you put your hand in the flame
You can never be the same
There’s a certain satisfaction
In a little bit of pain

Image: Madonna’s Instagram

Source: Huffington Post

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