Making Out and Learning Lessons

by Alpha Harlot on November 19, 2016

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The Exxxotica Convention came to Jersey the first weekend in November. My girlfriend wanted to go because she’s never been. I’m always ready to schmooze with adult stars and hear about new toys/products/movies/actresses etc, so you Peepz know that I was down. It’s always a good time, but this year was special because it was the first time they had a special section of the exhibit hall called SW!TCH, which was for LGBT stars.

We were especially interested in meeting one adult star in particular…Lily Cade.

Lily is my girl’s porno role model because she’s a Gold Star Lesbian (that means she’s never fucked a dude), just like my girl is. I love her because she’s fearless with her fingers and fists; my girl is really into Lily’s strap-on skills, and the way that she completely controls the pussies of the ladies she fucks on film.

When we found her, we started up a conversation about her work and how much we admired what she does. Smiling, she thanked us and came around the table to shoot a couple of pics. Then she asked us for our twitter handles so she could tag us in the pictures when she posted them, and I gladly leaned on the table to write them down. Lily continued to chat with my my girl and ended up asking her if she wanted to kiss…and of course my girl said yes!

So yeah, one second I’m looking for a pen to write down my twitter name (which is @AlphaHarlot btw in case you weren’t privy) and then I turn around and my girlfriend is making out with her idol.

My. Girlfriend. Kissed. Lily. Cade.

On the convention floor.

With all sorts of people around.

It was probably the sexiest think that I’ve ever seen and I’m so glad that I got to be there to watch the smile on my girl’s face light up the fucking room after their lips parted.

After we left the convention that night, my girl ended up spending a bit more time with Lily, driving her to and from a few different places. While they were spending time together, they did a lot of talking about life and experiences that they’ve both had…sexual and otherwise. Because my girl was a real person opening her life up to another real person, she also got the chance to get behind the camera and film a bit of porno in Lily’s hotel room where there was a surprise fisting.

The coolest part of the weekend for my girl though, was actually getting to know the person who was the creative mind behind the movies that she had loved for so long.

Adult entertainers live a fast life. They have to be on point all the time, especially in situations where they are going to encounter fans. That taxes the brain a whole lot, Peepz. Sometimes we as fans get so focused on ourselves and our own orgasms that we don’t think about the fact that, sometimes they too forget about their work and be real.

I’m so happy that my girl is going out on her own, meeting people and having kinky experiences that she’ll be able to remember for the rest of her life. The kink that we can experience together is so fucking special, but it’s our own individual experiences that make us the sexually creative creatures that we become when our bedroom door closes every night.


Images: Lily Cade’s Twitter

To see why my girl and I are so in love with Lily Cade, please check out her website. You’ll be cumming for hours, I can promise you that.

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