Malaysian Company Debuts Gourmet Condoms

by RICK RODAY on October 4, 2017

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The history of condoms is actually pretty interesting. Though the modern rubber is a fairly recent invention, people have been putting something between their genitals before having sex for hundreds of years. Condoms have been around since as early as the 1500s and were typically made out of animal skins or intestines. These tended to be something that were washed to be reused and were about as effective as a bunch of stitched together segments of sausage casing.

Needless to say we’ve come a long way. Even the modern condom has gone through a number of improvements and they’re now thinner, stronger and safer than ever. Hell, they even taste better.

Flavored condoms were a novelty when I was in school and something you would see at Spencer’s or Hot Topic. However when the lubricants and spermicides used on regular commercial condoms got more advanced, flavored condoms became less of a gimmick. Now a Malaysian company who claims to be the world’s biggest condom maker is taking things further by offering gourmet condoms based on the country’s most popular dish.

Karex’ new condom is flavored after a Malaysian rice dish called nesi lemak. The dish is a savory-sweet breakfast food that was initially popular with street vendors but over the years it exploded in popularity and is available at even the most high-end restaurants. Nesi lemak, like the condom, has a strong coconut flavor but also a substantial amount of heat chili.

After years of developing a condom to mimic this flavor profile, Karex came up with a coconut scent that also includes a spicy additive that provides a warming sensation. Neat!

The company hopes these condoms will be more than a novelty and help promote safer sex within its homeland, where despite a strong religious presence high STD rates still occur. According to an executive within the company, Malaysia is a very politically divided country with a primarily Muslim population. He further explains that regardless of their differences one thing all Malaysians can unite on is their love of nasi lemak.

He hopes a condom flavored after this beloved meal will be widely accepted despite the taboo placed on their use.


Image: Kortney Kane in The Vagina Recipes by Brazzers

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