Male Stripper Reminds Us Not to Bite His Dick

by Alpha Harlot on April 10, 2018

There is a terrible misconception in society that if you are wearing skimpy clothing while dancing and collecting tips in paper money, your body is free reign for hands. I think that’s pretty fucked. I love strippers, but hate strip clubs because one too many of my friends have gotten too handsy and groped the dancers while they were performing.

It’s inappropriate and embarrassing and I’m usually the first one to point that out assholes in the club.

Enjoy the show and keep your hands to your damn self.

I don’t strip (mostly because I don’t dance and because BBW strippers with not so big asses aren’t a huge deal in the Dirty Jerz) but when I was shooting amateur porno content, there were a handful of times that people thought it would be cool to put their hands on me because they had seen me naked.

Boundaries, Peepz…Everyone’s got ’em and respecting them usually isn’t that hard.

Former Big Brother cast member Lotan Carter is a model who used to strip. From what I can gather on his social media stuffs, he occasionally still does. In a new interview that was released in March, he told a few stories about women in strip clubs acting up and even BITING HIS DICK.


If you’re watching someone strip, don’t bite their genitals!

I’m fucking confused why someone would think that was a good move.

I don’t care how drunk or drugged up you are…do not bite the entertainment…or maybe anyone? I think that’s a fairly good general rule to follow.

While I definitely don’t want to get my face humped by a sweaty pair of speedos, I get that there are people out there that definitely do. When you impose yourself on people who are trying to do their job while taking off their clothes, things get uncomfortable. No one likes a handsy dick wad.

All I’m saying is that maybe we should be just as respectful of personal boundaries with dancers as we are with people that we encounter on the street.

Source: Daily Mail

Image: Logan Carter’s Instagram

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