Man Arrested After Dropping Sex Toy In View Of Cop!

by Calvin Clark on October 3, 2018

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The couple of times I’ve been on a jury all played out the same way: someone was caught more or less red handed but managed to wiggle into a defense based on technicalities. Essentially, we were told a story and then instructed to ignore parts of it because the arresting officer made a procedural mistake.

It’s a lot more boring than how trials looks on TV, but barring any major mistakes by the police it’s hard to ignore damning evidence even if it seemed to appear out of thin air- like a sex toy falling from someone’s coat in plain view of the police officer who is investigating an adult store robbery.

This is precisely the predicament a 30-year-old man from Arkansas man found himself in.

Apparently the man was approached by an officer of the Fayetteville Police Department who was investigating a report from an employee of local “novelty store.” According to the employee, a man matching the description of the suspect stole a sex toy and waved a knife around before running away.

Before police could even ask the man a question, he accidentally dropped a sex toy from his coat and was promptly arrested. Bummer!

The employee of the store claims the suspect, Andrew Bell, came in and wandered around for about 30 minutes attempting to get out of her view. After hearing a noise, she approached the man and saw him stuffing a sex toy into his jacket while waving a pocket knife. He then lunged at her causing her to retreat behind the counter and call the police.

The man was charged with aggravated robbery, theft, and criminal mischief. Whether or not he intends to fight these charges is currently unknown. If he did, however, I wonder what his defense would be.

I’ve heard of police using drop guns to frame unarmed men they gunned down, but what kind of foresight would it take for an officer to carry a drop dildo? Was he holding the sex toy for a mystery one-armed man? This case could grip the nation!

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