Man Destroys His Own Guys With 30-Inch Sex Toy

by Calvin Clark on January 4, 2019

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For all the sex related news stories we read on this website, some of my favorites are the unfortunate butt stories. Though laughing at the misfortune of others is wrong, I feel like learning from their mistakes is just being a good adult.

This week’s tale from the dark side comes from England where a man checked into the emergency room after having an anal accident with his sex toy. While these kinds of injuries are usually solved with a pair of tongs and ample lube, this man’s circumstance was a little bit more extreme.

According to a news article the unnamed male was drunk and “lost control” of a 30-inch sex toy he was stuffing up his butt. The toy was so big it did a lot more than simply slide out of reach. He was in extreme pain and when doctors examined him they determined he had a perforated bowel.

In order to remove the sex toy from his body they had to perform complicated surgery leaving the man with a colostomy bag, feeding tube, and lengthy hospital stay. Yikes!

The last time we read about emergency services being called to help someone remove an object from their rectum it wasn’t nearly this dangerous.

A few months ago, a man from South Wales called paramedics when he found himself in a rather sticky predicament. While stimulating his prostate with a wall-mounted toilet roll holder he realized he made a miscalculation with his improvised sex toy. Though he was uninjured he did manage to get himself stuck ass-to-wall in a locked bathroom. After realizing he wouldn’t be able to get the object out of his body to free himself he was forced to make an embarrassing phone call.

This seems rather tame when compared to eviscerating yourself with a nearly 3-foot sex toy.

At any rate, if we can learn anything from this man’s situation it would be to always exercise caution when stuffing sex toys up our butts. We also learned that if you absolutely must insert a yard-long dildo into yourself then it’s probably best to attempt it while sober.

Now we know, and knowing is half the battle.

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