Man Gets Finger Stuck In Vending Machine Reaching For Sex Toy

by Calvin Clark on April 23, 2019

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One of the hallmark disappointments of my youth was opening a box of cereal only to find the promised toy inside was missing. Before the advent of advanced quality assurance robots, it wasn’t uncommon for them to leave the factory without one. Being the youngest also lessened my chances of getting first crack at that Captain Crunch decoder ring but regardless of the reason, few things burn as uniquely in adulthood as missing out such a prize.

Having a vending machine fail to drop a sex toy you paid for might come close.

This was the problem a Chinese man identified only as Zhu encountered when he paid for a sex toy from a vending machine, but it failed to drop down. Where most people would have shrugged it off and walked away, Zhu wasn’t about to let the machine get away with stealing his money and his prize.

After the machine’s customer service representatives were unable to help him retrieve his purchase, he decided to stick his fingers inside to fish it out himself. Unfortunately for Zhu, his hand became wedged inside the machine and he was left with his fingers stuck in a sex toy vending machine. Oops.

When emergency services arrived, they used a cutting wheel to remove a section of paneling on the machine that was trapping the man’s fingers. In total he spent about 20 minutes stuck inside the machine although he didn’t suffer any serious injuries. Hopefully he managed to retrieve his sex toy since they went through the trouble of cutting it open.

Frankly the most interesting part of this story is that other countries have sex toy vending machines.

In the United States we call sex toys novelties and we can only buy them online or from a sex shop. For anyone super concerned with privacy neither option is ideal, especially if the website you buy your pocket pussies or vibrators from uses less than discrete packaging.

Vending machines seem like the ultimate convenience for someone on the go who really wants to fuck a palm sized glob of silicone without anybody else knowing about it- at least so long as the machine drops your purchase correctly.

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