Man Gets Penis Stuck While Jumping Over Turnstile

by Calvin Clark on January 9, 2019

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I don’t believe in karma. It seems like the most passive aggressive way of dealing with the fact that horrible people exists. While it’s nice to think those who do bad things face some divine consequence, the truth is ne’er-do-wells usually go unpunished.

However, when a London man got his dick stuck in a turnstile while trying to enter a train station without paying you can’t help but believe a higher power exists.

The unnamed man was trying to hop over the underground station’s barriers while sagging his pants a little bit too low. When his genitals got stuck in one of the mechanisms he was caught with quite a bit more than red hands.

While most people would usually be sympathetic towards someone dangling by his penis in public, the fact that he was trying to get over a turnstile without paying may have swayed their opinion. A crowd quickly gathered to point and laugh at the man while police and transit workers tried to figure out how to free him.

I can’t imagine what was going through the man’s mind while his entire body weight was being supported by his wiener and an immovable steel barrier. In the worst case they would have to cut him free which could potentially harm his wiener. Thankfully medical science would have his back.

We previously read about a man who was outfitted with a brand-new penis after doctors discovered his was horribly disfigured. A childhood accident left the 44-year-old unable to have sex and after using a series of special tubes covered with skin from his arm, surgeons were able to help him recover. His new bionic penis looked normal and was able to become fully erect with a simple squeeze of his balls- allowing him to finally lose his virginity soon there after.

Thankfully for our would-be turnstile hopper, it didn’t come to this.

Thanks to a few quick-thinking transit employees and some helpful heckling from the crowd, his penis was freed from the metal barrier and he was able to walk away relatively unharmed. Hopefully he showed his gratitude by paying for his ticket and boarding the train like a responsible citizen.

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