Man Loses Virginity After Doctors Fit Him With Bionic Penis

by Calvin Clark on August 14, 2018

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Sexual health problems in adults are common and often ignored. Traumatic events before or during a person’s sexual development may cause issues later in life that make having a normal sex life difficult or even impossible.

Therapy is often used to treat such cases where a sexually capable person is unable to have the relationships they want. This kind of treatment can range from something as casual as support groups to full one-on-one intimacy coaching with a sex surrogate.

However there are some problems that can hinder sexual performance beyond what a therapist can handle.

Occasionally a person experiences something so unique and terrible that it takes years for doctors to come up with a solution. For example when a childhood accident ripped his penis off, doctors probably thought 44-year-old Mohammed Abad of Edinburgh was going to be a virgin for life- and then science happened.

Surgeons working on the man’s case came to the conclusion that they could rebuild him, and fashioned a £70,000 “bionic penis” with which the man used almost immediately to lose his virginity to a sex worker. Cool!

Abad lost his penis in a horrific accident when he was six years old. During a snowball fight he tripped and fell in front of a moving car and was dragged 600 yards. The incident nearly cost him his life and left his penis so badly damaged that surgeons at the time were forced to fashion a crude tube so he could get on with his recovery.

Doctors with the NHS were able to use more advanced medical techniques to build the man a new 8-inch artificial penis out of skin taken from his arm and a series of special tubes. Over the course of the next 3 years they also built and installed a special pump in the man’s body that inflates his bionic penis when he presses a small button on his testicle.

The end result is a rather impressive new dick that becomes fully aroused with a simple squeeze of his balls. Modern medicine will never cease to amaze me.

Equipped with newfound confidence and a rather large penis, Mohammed came into contact with sex worker Charlotte Rose. The two sparked a friendship and Charlotte offered to waive her usual fee to be the man’s first sexual partner. How sweet!

After their initial encounter was delayed to a slight equipment malfunction, the pair eventually did have sex after which Rose complimented Abed on both his size and sexual endurance.

Sounds like £70,000 well spent.

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