Man Runs Prostitution Ring Out Of Retirement Community

by Calvin Clark on November 18, 2018

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Being retired is sometimes not as glamourous as CBS and Viagra commercials make it out to be. When circumstances cause people to retire earlier than they were planning, they may be faced with the hardships of life on a fixed income. While there’s always the option of returning to the workforce it can be hard for people in late adulthood to find a job.

It’s a tragic reality for many people around the world which is why retired individuals are often interested in money making opportunities of varying degrees of legality.

This might have been the predicament 65-year-old Joseph Van Wert of Pittsfield, Massachusetts found himself in when he thought of his latest money making opportunity. In order to supplement his income, he and his accomplice ran a sex-for-money business out of his apartment in a retirement community.

Unfortunately, what would have been a great way to finance his golden years was ruined by the slew of laws he broke while operating his prostitution ring. Oops.

According to police reports, Van Wert and 45-year-old Randy Lambach were arrested for recruiting drug addicts, photographing them, and posting ads for sexual services on the internet. The men would transport the women to clients and keep most of the money they earned while paying them in drugs. They also forced the women to continue working by threatening to turn them in to the police if they quit.

Basically they were assholes as well as shitty business men.

Earlier we read about a retired prostitute who encouraged women of any age to enter sex work if they had the desire, telling reporters about women in their 80s who became sex workers and went on to have successful careers. Her claim was most men looking for companionship are attracted to women their own age, meaning elderly Johns like elderly lovers. Organizing retirement community’s potential sex workers with potential sex buyers would not only be way less illegal than exploiting drug addicted women, it would help retired individuals provide for themselves and find companions. It’s a winning situation for everyone!

Now that I think about it I may have stolen this idea from an erotic Golden Girls fanfic I read on 4chan.

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