Man Writes City To Complain After Prostitute Turns Him Down

by Calvin Clark on July 22, 2017

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Rejection is always tough, but it’s one of those things in life you have to get used to if you want to make intimate connections with people. You put all your cards on the table and if it doesn’t work out, you pick them up and walk away.

Alternatively you can enter an awkward friendship with someone you’re attracted to and spend the next few months lying to yourself and others. I wouldn’t recommend this.

You can also just pay for sex, which is a lot easier and probably cheaper in the long run.

Unfortunately for a man from the UK, prostitutes can also turn down potential partners. Rather than keep his chin up and move on to the next hooker, he did the next logical thing. He sent an angry email to the Trading Standards office to complain.

Nailed it!

The man traveled about an hour from his home in north London to a brothel in Harrow so he could have a little fun. However the eastern European prostitute he took a liking to turned down his offer and he decided to file an official complaint with the government.

He told a Trading Standards officer that he was upset that he had made the lengthy trip to Harrow only to have his business refused. The man felt it was unprofessional and that prostitutes shouldn’t behave in this way. A councilor read his response and answered in the best way she could.

Harrow Councilor Susan Hall told the aggravated John that this kind of incident wasn’t covered by the trading standards manual and encouraged him to visit Harrow again, but to visit some of their more “wholesome pursuits.”

What’s more wholesome than casual sex with an eastern European woman? Hmph!

All kidding aside, if this man gives off such a bad vibe that a prostitute won’t have sex with him then he probably needs to work on his bedside manner. Maybe he should have smiled a little bit and broke the ice with a joke. Hookers are people too!

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