Meg White Sex Tape Proved Real?

by Bucky Beall on October 4, 2010

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The two piece band the White Stripes has been quiet lately with Jack White off working on other projects. But you remember their music and more importantly you remember being strangely turned on by drummer Meg White. You got ideas about pounding that ass just like she pounds her drums. Sure she’s not much to look at, but she’s got something… a weird sly sexiness. About a year ago a sex tape started making the rounds on the internet and it was claimed that it was Meg White getting boned. Unlike some that come our way this one I was eager to see. The thing is she’s not that remarkable looking so most people assumed it was just some lookalike and the video was more or less forgotten.

However, some obsessive weirdo has combed through the frames and has matched White’s poses and expressions to the girl in the video. I wish I had this much time on my hands.

Watch the sex tape below then watch the “proof” and decide for yourself.

Meg White Sex Tape? brought to you by PornHub

Is it her? Make your argument in the comments section.

  • B8ddyh8lly

    So, does that make the guy, Jack White? Do you really what that to be true?

  • Jordan

    Totally real!

  • Rathbone

    Has anyone ever seen the necklace this girl is wearing on Meg White before?

    • Chalky961

      Its a D on the necklace why would she have that?

      • Anonymous

        D for Detroit?

  • Deadmetalsin

    who cares if its her or not it doesnt change anything she plays simple drums that soun really amazing with the music they are ment for and you act like shes not allowed to havesex or make a video because shes famous let it go and get your own sex lives so you dont have to worry about hers

  • Justin

    this is obviously fake yall need to get a life

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