Dude Arrested For Jerking It For 3 Hours Straight During Bus Trip

by Lola Byrd on April 17, 2016

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I’ve never ridden a Megabus, so I can’t verify the veracity of this claim, but according to their customer website Megabus promises that: “you will be riding in comfort and confidence. We provide affordable and reliable bus services, offering the highest level of comfort and safety. You can be assured of a great experience and overall satisfaction.”

The 3 hour fapping session is optional.

Telly Shadell Corey, 41, was arrested at a bus station in Coralville, an Iowa City suburb, where a passenger complaining of a man with an exposed penis attracted the attention of the police.

Telly, a clueless dude if ever there was one, admitted to the cops that he had engaged in a three hour masturbation session in plain view of a female passenger, because he figured that “since the victim didn’t say anything to him she was enjoying it.”

Putting aside for a moment that the absence of a no is not the same as a yes, I am absolutely baffled that someone could masturbate for 3 hours straight. I mean, think of the friction?! Telly must be nursing a completely raw penis in jail, because that’s where he is, jail, and with good reason.

In lieu of $2500 bond, Telly is being held for indecent exposure in the Johnson County jail where I hope he will rot forever and forever. Okay, so let’s be realistic. He’ll probably be out of there in a couple days, but for crying out loud do dudes not understand that ladies will often stay silent as to not escalate a situation?!

I was in a similar situation once where a dude followed me into an empty school building, exposed himself, and jerked off behind me while I was at a computer station. I won’t go into the whole story, but suffice it to say that I was scared as hell. The worse part is that when I tried to hightailed it out of there I nearly bumped into him and I apologized to him instead of screaming bloody murder. Why? Because I didn’t want the situation to escalate. I didn’t want the situation to turn violent.

Public masturbation is like sending a dick pic, always assume it’s unwanted unless it’s explicitly asked for. I mean, I’m all for masturbation, even public masturbation, just don’t assault anyone when you do it.

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  • He’s probably just bating in jail now.

    • There’s a lot of that going on there.

      • Oh man now that the header pic is working and seeing that sexy stud on the back of the bus I don’t blame the guy for bating for 3 hours.

        • Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with the header pics. Sometimes the appear and sometimes they don’t.

  • edwards21

    *Slow clap* Gotta love the creeps. They just keep our news so… creepy.

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