Megan Fox In Even More Skimpy Lingerie Pics

by Bucky Beall on March 28, 2011

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Megan Fox is shilling something or other for Armani by appearing in ads in skimpy lingerie, if it means they keep making commercials like this I’ll buy whatever it is they’re selling. We’ve put up some pics and extras from these shoots before, and now we’re back with new stills from a behind-the-scenes feature.

Being sexy is more or less Fox’s full time job, as I don’t know of any movies she’s set to appear in…which is fine as she can’t act worth shit but she’s pretty damn good at showing off her body. Her movie career circling the drain is actually a great thing for all of us thanks to the scientific equation known as Bucky’s Law:

Female  Celebrity + Crashing Career = she starts showing lots of skin and/or nudie shoot and/or  sex tape “leaking out”

You can click on the images below for larger versions:

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