Megan Fox Looks Lovely in Lingerie

by Alpha Harlot on February 1, 2018

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Celebrity lingerie lines are a weakness of mine. It’s like a dirty little secret when we get the chance to peek into their (consensually supplied) sexy photo collections. With Valentine’s Day coming, everyone is pulling out their big guns advertising campaigns and getting straight to the throbbing heart of things.

Frederick’s of Hollywood has an instagram feed that is always full of goodness. When I was still living at home (like two decades ago? That’s just crazy old lady realness, right there), I used to steal my mom’s Frederick’s catalog every time she got one in the mail. I was so intoxicated by the silky looking pieces of clothing that seemed to hug every curve of the models. Perusing their collections is one of my guilty pleasures, mostly because I don’t actually fit in their lingerie, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it visually.

Just in time for Cupid’s favorite holiday though, they’re heavily promoting Megan Fox’s lingerie line, With Love, Megan Fox. I always forget how hot Megan Fox is. She’s never on the tip of my tongue as far as actors that I’m infatuated with, but every time I see a picture of her I’m like, “She’s so sexy! Why do I not lust after her?”

Here’s a gallery of pictures from their instagram feed.

Which one is your favorite? I’m kind of in love with the shot of her in white. Even though I’m not really into white lingerie (it makes me think of wedding night stuff? Which is totally a hot fantasy, but just not my thing), I love the voyeuristic quality of it…It kind of makes you feel like she took the picture especially for you to enjoy.

If you like the shots of Megan in lingerie, I’d suggest that you check out the rest of the line. You can purchase Megan Fox’s lingerie from the Fredrick’s of Hollywood website. Valentine’s Day is coming…don’t forget to spoil the person you love the most!

Image and Source: Fredrick’s of Hollywood instagram

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