Men Are Into Lifelike Masturbation Sleeves & NOTHING ELSE

by Lola Byrd on June 26, 2017

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Sex toy manufacturers like Doc Johnson, Nasstoys, Topco, and CalExotics say that their male customers are all about the super realism. When it comes to masturbation sleeves and the like, men want something lifelike – preferably something that’s a direct copy of a famous pornstar.

The menz want all the holes, whether it’s someone’s mouth, anus, or vadge to be a realistic recreation of their favorite pornstar.

You’ve seen this picture before, you’re favorite pornstar is lying on her back with her legs spread and knees up in the air, but instead of giving birth (wich is what it looks like she’s doing) her butthole and her vadge are covered in plaster because she’s getting her downstairs carriage molded into a line of sex toys.

Teen Mom what’s her name.

Pornstars like to post these pics to social media and Peepz like to see them, at least that’s what sales reflect. I think it helps to see the behind-the-scenes process because that way you know you’ll be getting the real thing, so when you finally get that Dani Daniels stroker in the mail (complete with pubic hair) you can really zone in on your fantasy of banging Dani.

The pubes need a little work.

Can you recognize your favorite pussy when it’s made out of plastic? I should resurrect Match That Snatch, but this time you’ll have to match the realistic sex toy to the pornstar.

As fun as it is to fuck the disembodied pussy/anus combo of Dani Daniels, some Peepz really don’t care if the pussy they are fantasy fucking is famous or not. That’s why the creator of the AutoBlow2, Brian Sloan, decided to go with unknown pussy for his molds. Sure, he held a contest to find the most beautiful pussy in the world, but that was more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

Sometimes it’s best not to brand your product after a particular star because you don’t want to alienate customers who aren’t fans. When it comes to male customers, though, most sex toy manufacturers agree that the more realistic the better.

Strokers are generally made out of thermoplastic elastomer because it’s “body safe, soft, pliable, and non-porous but sill has enough stretchiness to mimic mucous membrane and muscle tissues.” Some companies, however,  have developed their own proprietary material in an effort to mimic the real deal. Topco, for instance, uses Cyberskin. Doc Johnson is all about Ultra Skin. CalExotics likes to peddle Pure Skin, while the Peepz over at Pipedream Products like to use something called Fanta Flesh.

It’s funny, when I’m looking for sex toys the last thing on my mind is finding something lifelike. I know there’s a market out there for realistic dildos, but that’s never been my bag. Gimme alien tentacle vibrators and let’s call it a day. Dudes, it seems, want to close their eyes and pretend they’ve got a real pussy in front of them. Meh, to each their own.

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  • Zach Becvar

    Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. The couple of fleshlights that I have are modeled off of some of my favorite porn stars, but I don’t ever really get it in my head that I’m fucking the actual woman when I’m using it. I just like them because they provide a different experience then using my hand.

    • That’s true, I would definitely buy a few different sleeves if I was a guy. A Fleshlight being high on my list of first purchases and if the option was there I don’t see why I wouldn’t pick one that was modeled after someone I liked.

      • Bey Ship

        I have 3 of them. The regular one, one with bumps and the anal one. They are all good, and they all do feel different.

        • Variety is nice if you can afford it.

          • MainFragger

            I’ll stick to bounty. They weigh nothing, are super absorbant, and you don’t have to clean it, you just throw it out..

      • Martha E. B.

        You are totally right. I have several vibrators, what woman doesn’t these days! I’ve often wondered why it has taken men so long to catch on and embrace similar toys for their own needs. Given my own experience, if I was a man with a great cock I would probably have a dozen different toys to keep me coming. LOL

  • Those fake pubes look like how my hair currently feels. I need a haircut.

    • SHAVE IT.

      • I need to but my arms are bruised real bad from I.V.s and where they were taking blood all the time.

  • MoD

    HO my god, this is real Xd

  • Martha E. B.

    I think there is a quiet sexual revolution happening and I wish more would write about it. Masturbation has increased so much and the sex toy industry has responded and is booming which is real evidence of it. The ejaculatory capacity of the average man has simply increased and so they need ever greater stimulation. I think the Advent of VR porn coupled with authentic, lifelike sleeves will push the envelope even further toward the highly satisfying masturbatory lifestyle that so many men need and wish to spend more time enjoying.

  • MainFragger

    That is a toy for someone who never intends to have a girlfriend for the rest of their lives (or at least, until they get rid of it.) The pubes ARE a bit much. Does this toy come with bad 70’s porn music?

    • Someone who really really really really really loves Dani Daniels.

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