Study Suggest Men Want More Sex During Winter Months

by Calvin Clark on October 1, 2017

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Winter is coming. And according to a study by a blog called The Psychology of Human Sexuality, cold winter weather causes people to have a lot more sex.

They asked 114 men to rate the attractiveness of women over the course of a year. Some of the women in these photos were scientifically naked while others were clothed. Researchers noticed that men were more drawn to the sexier photos during the winter months, and those in relationships also reported an increase in sexual attraction to their partners between December and February.

This research would suggest than men want more sex during the winter, which explains why almost everyone I know on the east coast has their birthday between October and December.

We already read that natural disasters cause people to have a lot of sex, and it makes sense that a few feet of snow make people feel the same way. When the weather prevents people from leaving their house for days on end, couples won’t have anything else to do besides turn of the TV fuck until spring.

What’s interesting, however, is that the study excluded women from their data set. It stands to reason that women would want sex during winter for the same reasons men would. Cold weather and depression are often connected, and nothing makes people feel warm and happy faster than having sex.

Still, it’s useful data nonetheless.

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