Mexicana Flight Attendants Pose For Playboy

Mexicana airlines has been in limbo since it went bust last year. Employees have been waiting for the government, owners, and investors to come to an agreement in the hopes of returning to work. A group of sexy flight attendants weren’t content waiting it out on their asses and decided to show off their goods in a sexy calendar in the hope to collect enough funds to support the union serving their labor force.

Negotiations have yet to come to term and Playboy having gotten wind of these sexy Mexicana flight attendants decided to lend a hand by promoting their cause with a sexy photo shoot. Any reason will do when it comes to showing off a group of big titted women with luscious asses.

It’s pretty cool though, when a giant company like Playboy can stamp their little bunny logo on a good cause AND get our libidos running on high at the same. Spread the goodwill, do something good for the world today, support the Mexicana airline labor force and jerk off to a few drop dead gorgeous Mexicana flight attendants.

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