Mia Malkova Is A Gift From God For Penthouse Magazine

I really hate it when people say they prefer chicks who don’t wear makeup, because there’s nothing wrong with makeup and most people don’t have a clue what they’re talking about when they say that. I’ve heard so many people say they prefer the no-makeup look and then point to a picture of a girl wearing twenty different makeup products.

I’ve even heard someone refer to Kim Kardashian as someone who sports the no-makeup look.

Clearly, these people are nuts (especially the people who think Kim doesn’t wear makeup) and have no idea what makeup does and doesn’t do.

I’m thinking what people actually mean when they say they prefer chicks without makeup is that they like chick who are wearing the natural makeup look. Basically, they want women who look flawless and they don’t really care how they achieve that look as long as it “looks” like they put very little effort into it.

For instance, this girl has used at least 10 different things on her face:

That’s a lot of product. Also, expensive. Basically, the no-makeup makeup look is a plot against women invented by the Patriarchy to keep us down, or, you know, make us go crazy.

So, when I say I prefer the way Mia Malkova looks without makeup I’m not just talking about of my ass.

For the record, Mia Malkova is gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing or not wearing in terms of makeup or clothes, but for some reason I don’t like it when she’s all done up.

Take this picture for instance:

Works can’t describe him much I love this photo set❤?? @tommyophotos

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Obviously, super hot, but it just doesn’t grab me the same way this picture does:

Me and my hubby❤️

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Ignore her husband, just look at how pretty Mia is! She has the face of an angel.

With all that in mind, try to guess which one of these Penthouse pics are my faves?!

Click on images below for larger versions:

Check out this video of Mia Malkova courtesy of Pornhub:

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  • Zach Becvar

    I totally agree with you on the two instagram photos. I’m definitely a fan of the less is more approach.
    I really don’t get some of the make up and styling trends that say you have to spend ungodly amounts of time and money to look like you didn’t do anything. It reminds me of when I was in high school and the “bed head” look was popular.

  • That first picture she looks like she’s made out of plastic.

    Is pic 2 with the coffee cup your favorite?

  • Internet_Tards

    Shit makeup and senseless brushing, polishing or whatever effects these playboy penthouse tards do !

  • japorn japorn