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by MB on May 9, 2012

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Well hello there and welcome to another show on Peeperz Radio! Our guest today became an infamous household name for her affair with Jesse James and the subsequent break-up of his marriage to A-list actress Sandra Bullock. As this interview will show there is more than what meets the eye, or what a scornful public may say about Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.  Also be sure to check out our recent interviews with the Wisconsin Rosebud Victoria Rae Black as well as our visit with the dirty delicious Chanel Preston. All our interviews are available to download for free so load them onto your portable and desktop devices!

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Michelle McGee was born in EastLake Ohio. Her upbringing is what she calls “granola” in that it seems to have been a pretty uneventful and common existence. The first thing you notice about Michelle are all those tattoos. We aren’t sure but we think her butthole is the only place left that hasn’t been inked. Her first tattoo was the result of a prank – at age 15 she passed out at a party and when she woke up she had an Adidas logo tattooed on her back (It could have been worse… her friend received a Nike Swoosh). Since then Michelle has been collecting tattoos like mad. Michelle found herself attracted to tattoo culture, punk rock music, Rockabilly car shows and she began to turn heads with her sleek body, artful ink and sexual charisma. It was there that she began to receive offers to model.

Fast forward to today and Michelle is largely known by such monikers as home-wrecker, racist, and a host of names used to describe women who actually admit to enjoying sex (Oh the horror!) Michelle tells MB that if she were in a bar and we lined up all the men in the room that she thinks she would, without wanting to, choose the most effed-up man in the room. Which leads us to…..that scandalous affair she is known for.

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Michele first met Jesse James after she hit him up for a modeling gig on MySpace (What the Hell is MySpace?) According to Michelle, Jesse wanted much more than modeling and told her to send future correspondences to his personal email. Michelle describes the first time they hung out in which Jesse told her several things which turned out not to be true. Listen to the interview for her side of this conversation, perhaps you might see her differently. Of course everyone knows the end of this story in which the affair was outed just before the release of Sandra’s Oscar winning role in the film Blindside which grossed in excess of 250 million dollars. The scandal propelled her into the spotlight and she became the focal point for scorn in defense of one of he most beloved actresses working today. To make matters worse Michelle’s photo shoot for a photographer in which she is depicted wearing Nazi regalia exploded all over the internet. This in combo with the affair manufactured a cocktail of scorn in which she has yet to fully recover. It should be noted that these pictures were the photographer’s idea and were meant for shock value much like the heavy metal pentagram, satanic imagery etc.

Michelle has done her best to stay busy and put the past behind her. She has several projects going. Her most obvious and talked about venture is her sex-tape recently released by the folks over at Red Light District. The film is entitled Michelle Bombshell Caught on Tape and for those wanting to see Michelle get nasty, well…wish granted. Michelle also goes on to tell MB her unfulfilled sexual fantasy (Hint this involves Johnny Depp and Ryan Gosling) as well as her live on-stage erotic lesbian shows. Whew! So tune in, get turned on and tell us what you really think about Michelle “Bomshell” McGee. We look forward to your comments below and at @peeperz on Twitter

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  • Now I know what Marilyn Manson would look like as a Woman.

  • Can’t say I dig the face tattoos. 

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    Well, what a waste of a woman, face body, this is what drugs do?
    is one of the most disgusting women I’ve seen, I hope not to go blind.

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