Midair Argument Over Affair Causes Flight To Be Grounded

by Calvin Clark on November 8, 2018

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Truth be told, infidelity really gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m not talking about open marriages or any other variant where one person knows about or even gets aroused by their partner sleeping with other people. Extramarital affairs and violating the trust of one’s spouse just don’t sit well with me- I’ve even quit watching TV shows over fictional adultery.

Not that I value the sanctity of marriage all that much. People who are unhappily married should simply communicate more so they can identify potential problems and either work them out or get divorced. Even after an affair has occurred it’s probably best to just come right out and admit it. Waiting for your significant other to find out for themselves could be a disaster, especially if it happens on an airplane.

This is what one couple aboard a Qatar Airways flight found out.

After using the hand of her sleeping husband to unlock his phone midflight, an Iranian woman discovered he was hiding an affair from her at which point she lost her shit. The couple’s argument got so heated the flight was forced to make an emergency stop in the Indian city of Chennai where the couple and their child were escorted off the plane.

We’ve read about an argument leading to a flight having to be grounded before, and at least this time nobody masturbated angrily.

A few years ago a man on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles got into a spat with another passenger and in a fit of rage attempted to open the cabin door a couple miles above Nebraska. After discovering how air pressure and safety mechanisms work he abandoned his plan to jump out of a moving plane and instead masturbated in front of everyone until his opponent admitted defeat. Unfortunately before he could orgasm his way to victory the plane made an emergency landing so he could be arrested.

In the case of this Iranian couple, nobody was arrested but the airline did ditch the couple at the Chennai airport so they could finish their flight to Bali in peace.

Nobody knows what happened to the couple after that, but hopefully the worked out their differences and did what’s best for their family. Meanwhile everyone inconvenienced by their fight probably got an extra round of snacks because more stops always means more peanuts.

Personally I probably would have enjoyed watching the couple argue. Flying is pretty boring and live entertainment is my favorite kind. I don’t know if flying dinner theater is a thing but it really should be. Maybe they could even spice up a long flight with a live reenactment of Wesley Snipes’ classic action film Passenger 57.

Why do we have to wait until we land to start our vacation!

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