Mila Kunis Voted Sexiest Woman Alive By Esquire

by Lola Byrd on October 12, 2012

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Oh, sweet, sweet Mila Kunis. I remember when she played a young Angelina Jolie in the movie Gia (full on Jolie nudity in that film for anyone interested); I had no idea who Kunis was at the time… she was just a kid, but I remember my friends and I saying that she had been a good choice for the role and the she would grow up to be a knock out beauty.

It feels good to be right.

Of course, she crossed my radar again when she played Ashton Kutcher’s hilariously annoying girlfriend, Jackie, on That ’70s Show. It’s nice when TV stars grow-up and make it to the big screen, especially when their break-out role features a super hot lesbian scene with Natalie Portman.

Esquire made a good choice. The photoshoot is pretty sexy too. Although, it could have used a little more nudity if you ask me. I hate it when a mag advertises a shoot as topless than they go and cover the goods with a sheet or a pair of hands. It’s such a tease. I can’t comment on the boobs, because they’re all covered up, but I can say this; Mila Kunis has one smoking ass. Here’s hoping we get to see more of both in the future.

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  • Fonze

    Meg Griffin

  • BDY

    It took her leaving The 70’s Show for me to find her attractive. She did a great job in her role there, so much so I wanted to hit her with a shovel. Now, at most I’d donkey punch her.

  • jaslvgas

    Mila is a class act for sure, but my only beef and it’s a HUGE beef is that she has yet to get naked on Camera. She uses body doubles every single fucking time and its enough already. MILA TAKE IT ALL OFF ALREADY with anynew project coming up. Stop replacing your gorgeous self with body dble stand in asses and tits….. you make enough money to strip down.

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