Miley Cyrus Pissed About New “Miley” Sex Doll

by Bucky Beall on April 4, 2011

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There’s a sex toy company called PipeDream which gets lots of coverage for it’s line of celebrity sex dolls. Being the clever folk they are, they don’t actually use the celebrity’s name and exact likeness so as not to be sued. For instance, we covered their Snookie blow up sex doll before…but the actual product is labeled “Guidette Love Doll” and  is made to look like a short, fat, Italian-American chick, while the box advertises that you can “Play Nookie With Her Snooky”.

They’re still at it and they are back with a new sex doll, called “Finally Miley”  and a quick look at the box gives you an idea whom it is you’re fucking in blow-up plastic form:

Though neither the name or a photo of Miley Cyrus appears on that packaging, I think it’s obvious the doll is modeled after future PornHub employee Miley Cyrus. Miles (which is what her bestfriends like Jordan and me call her) has stated she’s “disgusted” and is looking into her legal options – which just gives the sex doll more publicity. In fact it’s already sold out…in only 48 hours! If you want to get yours, I’m sure they’ll being making more.

  • Love it!

    • big turd

      this is ridiculous! her boobs are not that big.

      • Anonymous

        lulz, burn Jordo

      • Jordan

        what the fuck are you talking about….those babies are huge and juicy….that’s like, almost the size of Pamela Anderson. I could motorboat those all day.

        • Tttt

          She have Tories the same size as a new born baby

          • Tttt

            She has boobs the same size As a new born baby

      • Ffgg

        Her boobs are small

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