Monday Morning Jerk Before Work: Have You Met Gia Paige?

I was waiting at the pharmacy the other day and I was checking out some dude who was pretty cute. He was ahead of me at the cash and he told the cashier to let me go first. He called me Ma’am. I now know what it feels like to be stabbed in the heart.

Actually, maybe being called Ma’am isn’t such a bad thing. I could teach that young stud a couple things. MILF porn exists for a reason, dammit!

Gia Paige doesn’t have to worry about being called Ma’am. At 26-years-old, she still looks like a teen. Porn categories are so weird. You’re either a teen or a MILF, it makes no sense. What about all the other ages?! Huh? What. About. The. People. In. The. Middle.

Okay, now I’m thinking about The Human Centipede. The people in the middle really do have it the worst.

Gia’s been in porn for a couple years now and people seem to like her. She’s petite, brunette, and has some tattoos. It’s a good combination. Before porn, she was a Suicide Girl. Well, she tried to be a Suicide Girl, but they only started buying her shoots when she started getting involved with the XXX biz.

Before Gia started taking her clothes off for money, she was working at a pizzeria, which sound normal and boring and that’s exactly what it was. BORING. Boredom is what got Gia interested in porn. She was watching a documentary on cam girls and one of the girls did porn. The fact that this random cam girl was able to travel while having control over her own career made the whole thing sound exciting.

That did it for Gia, right then and there she decided to become a pornstar. #MissionAccomplished

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  • Zach Becvar

    I got snapped at once by a lady when I offered to help her get something off a high shelf at the grocery store when I saw she was having trouble reaching what she wanted. She was fine with my help, but she bit my head off when I called her Ma’am (she was clearly into her 70s) as i handed her the box of crackers or whatever it was. Now if I offer assistance or whatever I say Miss.

  • Gia Paige is the Emmy Rossum of porn.