Monday Morning Jerk Before Work: Have You Met Kendall Woods?

Why, oh why, would someone spell the name Kendall with two L’s? That’s just confusing. Wait— A quick Google search has informed me that Kendall with two L’s is actually quite common. At least she didn’t spell it Kyndall. Now that would have been plain ol’ wrong.

Kendall Woods (a.k.a. Kendall with two L’s) is a teen who is relatively new to the porn industry. The Baltimore native has starred in a handful of scenes since 2016, a handful, that is, if you happen to have a few extra digits. Apparently, it’s quite common for people to be born with a couple extra fingers and toes, so I’m sticking with the word “handful” even though Kendall has been in over a dozen scenes since her debut.

I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m rambling because I don’t have a lot of biographical info on Kendall. I pretty much shot my wad with the whole she’s from Baltimore thing.

Let’s see, I can tell you that she has a tight little ass, that her boobs are natural, that she has pierced nipples, and that her curly hair is gorgeous. Oh, and she’s super flexible. Add to that her small frame and she’s the perfect spinner. You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby. Right round round round. You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby. Right round round round. 

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Check out this video of Kendall Woods courtesy of Pornhub:

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  • Cody111811

    That dude’s dick is like a Louisville slugger. It’s not normal.

    • Meh.

      • Cody111811

        Really? There goes my self-esteem..?

  • Jack Edwards (edwards21)

    She’s for sure a cutie. Love the pierced nipples. Got a bit of a thing for that look, heh.