More Alison Pill Breasts

by Bucky Beall on September 13, 2012

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Not that I would ever be one to milk a dead horse (is that how the expression goes? I’m not very good with sayings, clichés, grammar, or spelling…it’s all just not my fort-y) but I’ve had lots of reaction to yesterdays post about Alison Pill and her accidental tweeting of a cute, sexy, nerdy, naked pic of herself…apparently not meant for public consumption. This was the reaction of her actor fiancee Jay Baruchel :

Whore! Harlot!! You’ve disgraced us both #BaruchelMustRestoreHisHonorInBlood

Okay I made that tweet up this is what he actually wrote:

My fiancee is an hilarious dork. #imustgladitdidnthappentomefirst

Dawwwwww cute! Anyhoo a quick recap. Pills only a midlevel celeb chick, not typically thought of as a sexbomb but my loins ache for her. You know from The Newsroom but she also starred in the box office smash Midnight in Paris and the box office bomb (but cult hit) Scott Pilgrim. I though I was a fan but it turns out she takes out her breasts  in some movie called Dear Wendy AND I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Here’s the scene in question in both picture and moving picture form:


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