Even More Backdoor With Farrah Abraham & James Deen

by Lola Byrd on February 10, 2014

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Seriously?! Uh, Gawd. There’s more?! I don’t think I can handle it.

Despite recent claims that Farrah Abraham, the teen mom who was sodomized by James Deen, was done with porn, a new video is being release February 13th. One wasn’t enough. Teen mom is back with Farrah 2: Backdoor and More to help y’all deal with your Backdoor Teen Mom withdrawals (you’ll have to take something else to deal with the PTSD).

I was initially under the impression that this new tape was going to feature unreleased material from the initial shoot, but apparently Farrah and James are back with some whole new material. Kinkier material apparently. I hear there’s a sex swing involved at one point.

Frankly, it’s kind of hard to keep track of all the facts. THAT GIRL IS A LIAR. Such a liar. Seriously. When Backdoor Teen Mom was first released, Farrah tried to pass it off as a personal sex tape that had been leaked. As if the fact that her co-star, James Deen, was paid to appear in the video wasn’t a dead giveaway. IDK. Still, it was one lie after another. With the fake pregnancy scare and all that bullshit.

Then Farrah somehow sealed a deal to appear on the reality TV show Couples Therapy even though it later came out that her boyfriend, Drew something or other, was paid to pretend to be in a relationship with the former teem mom. The whole thing created so much buzz that Farrah went on to appear on Couples Therapy by herself, which in my mind sorta defeats the point of couples therapy.

The saga goes on, obviously… with Farrah saying the sex tape ruined her life just days before Vivid announced the release of a second tape. I mean, come on. I don’t believe a word this girl says, she’s clearly a pathological liar.

Yet, will I watch the tape when Pornhub invariably gets a clip of it? Probably. Maybe. Yes. I’ll probably give it a peek or two.

Check out the original backdoor video clip:

Via radaronline.com by @misslolabyrd

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