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by Alpha Harlot on April 8, 2019

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I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with my coworkers from my last job.  They all liked to party a lot, so we were at a bar dancing and making a nuisance of ourselves.  One of the guys ended up making out with this random girl and left with her.

The dream cut to a while later, when I was driving home with one of my girls.  My phone rang and it was one of the woman who was hanging out with us at the bar.  I picked up and she was like, “DID YOU GET ANY PLAY???”

I was confused so I was like, “I’m driving home, no action tonight,” but then she explained that she didn’t mean to call me, she meant to call the guy who left with the girl. The crazy thing about the dream was that when I hung up the phone, I turned ot say something to my friend who was driving the car and she had turned into the guy.  So like, I was the girl who was going home with him?

It was strange and totally in character for Harlot at that point in my life.

I’ve left bars with strangers more times than I can count.  Back 10 years ago, that wasn’t the norm for society, but from the articles that I’m reading that’s REALLY not what people who are dating do now.  I was reading through the Rolling Stone article linked below and it got me thinking about why that is.

There was a subconscious dialog in the dating scene for so many years where women owe men sex if they went on a date and it went well. That has always been a bunch of rubbish, but people on all sides of the gender spectrum fed into it.  I don’t owe you sex because you find me attractive. If I fucked you between 1999 and 2012, it was because I wanted to have sex. Most of the time it was literally the act of banging that I wanted, not the person that I ended up in bed with.  Sometimes carnal desires take precedence over logic, safety and love (or even remotely liking a person).

If people are having less sex, and I don’t necessarily think that they are, could it be because we’re focused elsewhere?  I bring my phone to bed every night, I don’t fuck my wife every night. I’m sure that those two things are related. I’m worried about scrolling through my social media feeds and keeping up to date on the latest perverse news, so I pay less attention to the cues that my wife is sending me while she is also scrolling.  

Maybe it’s technology that is the issue and not the actual humans that are engaging in the sex.  

Are you frustrated that you aren’t fucking or are you generally satisfied with your orgasming life as a whole?

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Source: Rolling Stone

Image: Lena Paul in Pocket Asses by Brazzers

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