MORE Sex Positive Pop-Up Shops? Yes Please

by Alpha Harlot on April 13, 2018

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You know Peepz, sometimes I feel like I wasted my twenties struggling to make people understand that being sex-positive wasn’t a bad thing. I’m edging up towards forty now (which is apparently cougar territory, according to my fans) and everywhere I look there’s a new pop-up shop trying to jump on the sex bandwagon. As much as I hope it doesn’t oversaturate the market and turn the fad into something annoying, I’ve got my fingers crossed that these shops are changing the lives and opinions of people who are on the fence about being more sexually open.

Author of the newly released book Get On Top, Meika Hollender, has taken over store in the Bowery section of New York. While promoting the novel is the main reason for setting up the temporary shop, they are also going to be putting in work to educate the public on all things involving vaginas, including sex, menstruation and disease prevention.

I’m down for any and all sex education, even if I’m reading about things that I already think I know.

I love that there are so many businesses out there are that are taking “the risk” and jumping straight into the pool of bringing sex to the masses. PornHub had a sex-positive Pop-Up shop of their own back last holiday season. The line was wrapped around the block to get inside and score some official merch and meet up with pornstars like Asa Akira. Another sex shop was trying to get into the San Francisco International Airport.

I am living for all of this. The more sex-themed places there are to shop in the mainstream, the less we perverts will have to struggle to be seen and heard.

I picked up a copy of Get On Top yesterday while I was at the bookstore and right now, I’ve got two other books ahead of it, including a copy of “Between The Sheets” by Logan Pierce that I won from RedTube in a twitter contest. I’ll keep you all abreast of my thoughts on the books over on twitter.

The Get On Top Shop is going to be open from 12pm to 6pm from April 17 trough April 22. When they close up at 6 though, they are going to have a ton of events, including sex-positive speakers and panels on the subjects we all hold close to our genitals.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be living near NYC but you’re still looking to educate yourself on all that Get On Top has to offer, you can pick up a copy of the book from your local bookstore, or on amazon if you really need to. Support your local bookstores though…that’s basically my mantra.

Source: TimeOut New York, Meika Hollender’s twitter and Get On Top’s Website

Image: Get On Top by Meika Hollender

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