More Topless Anne Hathaway!!

Yesterday, we posted up screen caps of Anne Hathaway’s bared breasts from her new movie. One reader, 69mike requested “More!”, and  remember, at Peeperz what you want is what you get!

A few years back, Hathaway starred in the faux gritty street gang drama Havoc….. haven’t heard of it? Almost no one has, as it was straight to DVD… and it’s terrible. Terrible except Hathaway is topless for most of her screen time. This was her first attempt to be edgy, and the meanstreets of L.A. combined with boobies is like….superedgy dude. She also took off her top for the gay cowboy drama Brokeback Mountain, so I included that too. Footage from one of the Havoc sex scenes is also embedded below.

You can click on the images for larger versions.

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