Morning Jerk Before Work: Ginger Lynn

by Dave Carter on December 15, 2010

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Pornstar of the Day: Ginger Lynn

Now, being a young man myself, I never experienced the age of VHS porn. I grew up in the world of Morpheus and Kazaa and all the other easy ways a young teenager can get easy, free access to grainy 30-second porn clips.

I may never get the experience of walking into the back section of a video store, and exchanging awkward small talk while a pimple-faced 30-something virgin from the video store stuffs a stack of pornos into a paper bag. For this, technology, I thank you.

Nevertheless, I can always appreciate a classic. Ginger Lynn is ranked as the 7th greatest pornstar of all-time by AVN, and has been in about 266 movies. She started out in the 1980s with a spread in Penthouse, and quickly began to spread in a variety of other mediums, including a treasure-trove of now-vintage flicks.

To give you some perspective: she was Vivid’s first ever Vivid Girl, beating out the infamous Traci Lords. Like fine wine, these types of videos just get better with age.

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