Morning Jerk Before Work: Katie Morgan

by Dave Carter on December 9, 2010

Katie Morgan Sex Hot Pics

Pornstar of the Morning: Katie Morgan

Also known as “that chick who showed more tits in Zach and Miri Make a Porno than that frustratingly clothed Elizabeth Banks,” Katie Morgan is here to brighten your Thursday. She’s from LA, and started out in porn in 2000 trying to pay off a plea bargain for getting busted smuggling 100 pounds of marijuana over the Mexican border. Badass. She took her last name “Morgan,” from the Captain’s spiced rum. Drugs, alcohol, and banging: we like this chick.

And yes, for those up on the industry, she retired from porn in 2007. But who says retired or classic pornstars can’t be a part of the new MJBW tradition? Keep your heads up for some 1920’s flapper porn, where, in a local speakeasy, Agnes in a knee-high skirt shoots cumly looks at a hat-adorned gentlemen bearing a striking resemblance to a dignified Calvin Coolidge.

Oh, and spoiler alert: Fridays are fucking awesome.

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