Munich Creates Six New “Urban Naked Zones”

by Calvin Clark on December 4, 2017

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Most countries have zones or beaches that are designated as clothing optional. These are typically places off the beaten path where nudists and sun bathers can let everything hang out without unsuspecting prudes accidentally stumbling upon then and becoming aroused or offended.

They city of Munich, Germany thinks that’s just too inconvenient for city dwellers who want some sun on their cheeks so they approved six official “Urban Naked Zones.” Sehr cool!

The zones are spread throughout the heart of the city and though they are located in somewhat secluded sections of public parks, they are not fenced off or hidden in anyway. One such location is only a brisk walk away from Munich’s main square which is a popular destination for tourists and locals.

Meanwhile in America, we get all hot and bothered because a few feminists take their shirts off and walk around with their boobs out for an hour.

State laws restricting nude sunbathing expired late last year and it was up to individual cities to create their own regulations. When Munich officials decided to create these clothing optional zones, the decision was met with a shrug as most Germans were already being naked in public whenever they wanted.

In Munich and other parts of Germany it’s very common to see people tanning nude. Germans are very adamant against tan lines and are unusually comfortable with their own nakedness. There are even public saunas where men and women go to get naked and sweat their stress away on a weekly basis.

While most Americans are aware that Germany produces wonderful cars and aggressive hardcore porn, we don’t really know what they do. I think we perceive them to be rather reserved if not a little prudish, but that’s certainly not the case anymore.

Germany is one of the more sexually liberated countries in Europe and wouldn’t bat an eye over a few buns and boobs in a far corner of a public square. As of the writing of this article, however, there is no news on whether or not it’s ok to masturbate at these new nudie parks.

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