My Boobs in Your Mailbox? It Can Happen

by Alpha Harlot on December 12, 2016

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For the last eight years (I think? It may be nine, so don’t quote me…I’ve been a pervert for quite awhile) I’ve filled the mailboxes of my readers and fans with a bit of holiday cheer. Mail makes me happy. Sending mail makes me excited…and personally stamping holiday cards with my tits is one something that I look forward to doing every year.

They’re free…
They’re personalized…
and each card is 100% unique because I slather my boobs with paint and press it onto the card.

Here’s a video of me putting some of my boob stamp cards together from back in 2011.

Boob Printed Cards powered by XTube

P.S. that was a hell of a year for my amateur porno collection, it seems…I always forget how much frisky entertainment I’ve created until I try searching through the bulk of it to find a specific video.

P.P.S. How did I gain popularity when my camera equipment was so terrible? I’m glad I upgraded a few times recently.

If you are interested in receiving a card, please send an email to:

alphaharlot at gmail dot com.

I don’t put perverse things on the envelopes, they’re totally plain and discrete. I’m not about to blow up your spot to your mail carrier and be like, “There are titties inside here! Pervert Alert!!”

I’ll ship them to anywhere in the world so if you’re overseas have no fear. I’ll pay the postage and get the card over to you.

Please put “Holiday Card” in the subject so that it doesn’t end up in my spam folder.

I’ll respond as soon as I see your email, letting you know that I got it.

Cards will be mailed out starting next week…I’m printing up a batch this weekend but I’ll continue to stamp them until January, so if you’re reading this blog and it’s still December, you haven’t missed out!

Get in touch, Peepz! It’s the season of giving and, since I can’t give all of you blowjobs, this is the next best thing.

Image: Author’s Xtube Page

  • dash56

    You’re like the Unabomber except with boobs and holiday cheer.

    …Did I mention boobs?

  • I’d get one but my mom insists on hanging up every Christmas card that comes in the mail and that would be awkward.

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