My Mom Wanted to Bang Burt Reynolds (Yours Probably Did Too)

by Alpha Harlot on September 25, 2018

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My mom is fucking devastated that Burt Reynolds died on September 6, 2018. She called me up on my commute home the day it was announced and, when I tell you that she was crying, I mean that she was CRYING. To her, Burt Reynolds was everything sexy about the 1970s and losing him means that a bit of her youth has been chipped away.

I mean, forget about that fact that her eldest daughter (that’d be me) is edging towards the 40 year mark.

It’s all perspective, I guess.

In 1972, Burt Reynolds was photographed in the buff while laying splayed out on a bear skin rug. It was the first time that a male centerfold was in a magazine, and it was groundbreaking territory. Cosmo’s editor Gurley Brown knew that she enjoyed looking at naked men just as much as the men in her life enjoyed looking at the ladies in Playboy.

As with most celebrities in the nude, Reynolds regretted his decision at times. In the article cited below, they quote his 1994 memoir, My Life, “Standing ovations turned into burlesque show hoots and catcalls. They cared more about my pubes than they did the play.”

I mean, that was totally my mom.

She is totally dreamy over any movie that he stars in. That being said, every time one comes up in conversation, she starts talking about how sexy that bear skin rug picture is. In her will, she has very specific instructions that her original, intact copy of that magazine is to go to me and I am never allowed to sell it. She honestly believes that I’ll be able to pass it onto one of my nieces or nephews as a family heirloom. I wonder if I should write all my signed Belladonna DVD covers into my will.

My mom is basically a nun, Peepz. That’s why this is so hilarious to me. Even my mom was all worked up over Burt because he was marketed as a sex symbol. The spread in Cosmo opened up so many doors for women’s sexuality. A naked man in a magazine had become water cooler fodder and it was liberating.

Who do your parents have crushes on, Peepz? Hit me up in the comments below or get in touch on twitter.

Source and Image: Cosmopolitan Magazine

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