Naked Beauty – Erotic Video, Book, & Fashion Photography

by Lola Byrd on July 27, 2011

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Sylvie Blum, model-turned-photographer, is what I would call a fashion pornographer. Her website is filled with beautiful images of beautiful naked people. Blum spent ten years in front of the camera and learned the tricks of the trade from late husband Guenter Blum.

Blum put all her experience in front of and behind the camera to good use when she shot the video Naked Beauty with model Vel Jones. An hypnotic feast for the eyes, Naked Beauty does not disappoint. It reminds me of the experimental fare I watched as a film student. Only, Blum has better connections. And by better connections I mean she has a bevy of beautiful people ready to shed their clothes for her and do her bidding.

If your a collector of nude erotic fanfare, you might want to check out her upcoming book Naked Beauty, which is set to hit the shelves in September. Sporting the same name as the video, which you can see below, the book is sure to be a fave among people who buy fashion magazines for the nudes. This way you can skip all the make-up ads and go straight for the good stuff: boner inducing photography.

Make sure to take a peak at the photo gallery to see other examples of her work. I promise you won’t regret it. Warning: doing so might cause swelling in the groin area. Handle with care.

Check out the video:

Naked Beauty from Sylvie Blum on Vimeo.

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