Naked Man With Toy Stuck In Butt Wanders Gas Station For Help

by Calvin Clark on February 16, 2019

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Anal play has a fairly negative stereotype for most men. Homophobia dictates that enjoying prostate stimulation is something only gay men do and is therefore frowned upon for heterosexuals. However, the fallacy of that argument is that it feels good regardless of your sexual orientation and what I do in the privacy of my home or a Walmart parking lot is my own business.

That being said it is kind of funny to laugh at the misfortune of others when they take things a little too far and get a sex toy stuck in their butt. The ability to learn from other people’s experiences is one of the hallmarks of human civilization.

Everything is better in moderation and that is especially true when putting something up your rectum for sexual pleasure. The “Go hard or go home” mentality is great for working out at the gym, but when it comes to prostate milking it’s best to know your physical limits.

Should you do make a miscalculation with your favorite sex toy it helps to know what the standard operating procedure is. An example of what not to do comes from an unnamed man from Buenos Aires who wandered around a gas station naked while asking for help with the sex toy he lost up his rectum. Oops.

Due to the man’s medical details being kept from the news to protect his privacy, we don’t know much about the nature of the object in his butt or how it was removed. Hopefully it didn’t require any complicated surgery.

Last year we read about a man from England who lost control of a monster 30-inch dildo up his butt. I’m not even sure how that’s physically possible but where there’s a will there’s a way. The man’s case was so bad that doctors rushed the man into surgery. Apparently, the massive sex toy had ruptured his bowel and doctors had to remove the it and repair his guts to save his life. His recovery included a lengthy hospital stay where he required a feeding tube and colostomy bag.  Yikes!

For our wayward brother in Buenos Aries, he stumbled around naked begging gas station employees to call him a doctor which they did. When an EMT arrived the quickly transported him to a hospital that confirmed he was treated  successfully.

All’s well that ends well, I  suppose.

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