Naked Pics Of A Buckwild Reality Show Hoe? Yes Or No??

by Bucky Beall on January 10, 2013

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Don’t think we’re a bunch of east coast elitists here on Peeperz, Bucky may now live and work in a big ole fancy city and have both electricity and running water but he grew up in a town smaller than your asshole, had his first sexual encounter with a second cousin, and spent his formative years spending his parents welfare checks on paint thinner to drink.

That’s why he has mixed feelings about Hillbillies and drunken hicks being the big thing in entertainment right now. Both in a couple hundred reality tv shows on TLC, Discovery, MTV, and the rest of the basic cable winners, and in porno. Yes, redneck porno is huge right now catch up on the phenomenon via our post on the trend right here.

The newest show is MTV’s Buckwild, a kind of Jersey Shore in West Virginia where young losers drink, fuck, and hunt and eat raccoons. Here’s the trailer in case you’ve somehow missed out on the program’s premiere last week:

One of  the comely lasses from the show is Cara Parrish, here she is:

caraclothedAnd now some nudie modelling pics that people are claiming are of her are circling the web. We’ve put the topless photos into a gallery for you here, check them out and let us know in the comments if you think they match up with Cara:


  • Yep, it’s her. The nose, the eyes. No doubt in my mind.

  • Look at her tattoo on her lower torso and compare it to known pictures of her… It is a very unique tattoo..

  • B

    Yep… She is hot. She looks like my ex.

  • Phillip Hagedorn

    Yes that is her I have seen those tits in person, we were roommates

  • Never heard of her,or seen the show.Yet,I definitely think it’s her.Guess I may even start seeing the show.LOL!

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