PETA Puts Two Naked Women In A Bathtub To Protest… Meat?

by Calvin Clark on October 14, 2017

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If I’ve learned anything over my years of extensive internet use, it’s that nothing makes an argument more compelling than boobs. Countless protests and are carried out every day by intelligent, well-meaning people with excellent points of contention- but if nobody takes their titties out we’re never going to hear about it.

PETA understands this very well.

A while back, a pair of women associated with the animal rights organization drew a crowd when they put on a demonstration in support of World Water Day. Their intention was to raise awareness of the environmental impact of raising cattle, and according to their data it takes 50 bathtubs of water to raise one steak’s worth of cow.

What better way to show this than to put two gorgeous models in a bathtub wearing nothing more than a handful of bubbles. Schwing.

This demonstration was part of a campaign by PETA to encourage people to eat less meat. According to campaigner Emily Lavender:

“Not only is the meat industry cruel, it also wastes huge amounts of water and damages the planet. This is a fun way to get the message across that eating a lot of meat is not good for people or the environment. […] If you want to save the planet, the best place to start for most people is to adopt a vegan diet, no meat, dairy or animal products.”

If having two gorgeous women freeze their nipples off on a brisk Canadian morning seems like an odd way to convey this message, just remember that a survey last year suggested vegetarians and vegans have better sex lives than their carnivorous peers. Adopting a meat free lifestyle wouldn’t just be kind to animals, the environment, and our health- it could also lead to better sex.

Then again, meat is pretty awesome. Food for thought, I guess!

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