Naomi Campbell Makes My Vagina Tingle With Agent Provocateur

by Lola Byrd on January 17, 2015

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I had this really weird dream last night where I was horny to the point of I-don’t-give-a-fuck-I’m-gonna-rub-one-out-on-this-street-corner-if-I-have-to, you know, sort of like Jonah Hill at that pool part. Thing is, I couldn’t locate my clit.

I knew where it was – the usual place, y’all. But for some reason I couldn’t quite touch it in the way that makes my toes curl. It was a real bummer. I had to get down to business and flick the bean with the kind of precision you expect from people who’s job is to diffuse bombs.

Within all the flaps and dream folds, I eventually figured it out, but those few moments of WTF felt like an eternity. Man, imagine all of sudden not being able to get yourself off?! Hell, I tell you. Hell.

It makes you reassess the things you take for granted.

Sure, Naomi Campbell has been around forever in terms of modelling years, which are a lot like dog years, but that doesn’t mean she’ll always be here helping us achieve erections with her amazing legs and don’t-fuck-with-me stares. We’ve gotta appreciate her while she’s still around and willing to take off her clothes for money.

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Image: Naomi Campbell in Agent Provocateur ad campaign by Ellen Von Unwerth

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  • So is she bathing in the blood of virgins, or eating newborn babies to stay looking so young?

    A lot of guys suffer from the same problem you had in your dream.

  • gdlovejoy

    Isn’t she the cunt that freaked out on her assistant, I had a girl I dated who was gorgeous but she had the attitude that she could do whatever she wanted and that is no bueno

  • BDY

    She’d be a great TBT post.

    • Been there done that.

      • BDY

        I thought so but was to lazy to check.

        • I was gonna link you to it, but I also was too lazy.

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